You’ve Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em, Know When To Win A Big Jackpot As The Cops Are About To Haul You Away

I wonder if this guy went and bought a lottery ticket after his brush with the law. If not, he probably should have. It was definitely his lucky day.

Police said Thursday that two officers carrying out routine checks at an arcade in the western city of Bochum late last week discovered that a man playing a slot machine faced an arrest warrant.
He had been ordered to pay a 710-euro ($910) fine or go to prison for 71 days after resisting police during a previous incident.
Police say that as officers informed the man that he faced arrest, the slot machine started to flash and the beaming 37-year-old won a jackpot of 1,000-euro (about $1,300).

Three guesses what he did with that jackpot, and if you guess anything other than pay his fine right there and walk free I may have to track you down and punch you.

And when they say police were “carrying out routine checks,” does that mean what it sounds like it means? I’m picturing a stop-and-frisk type scenario, but I sure hope that sort of garbage isn’t a thing in Germany.

Way to go, America! You and your terrible policies have broken me to the point where I’ll be legit happy if I’m reading a poorly written news story, and we all know how I feel about those.

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