Lunch With My Dad

Been a while since we’ve heard from Gill, but here she is.

On Friday February 27th I went to this restaurant in the town I grew up in called The Bruce Street Wine Bar with my dad. To really know him we must do some history.

Humble Beginnings

In September of 1943 war raged in Europe, and Detroit was cleaning up from a recent race riot. On the Canadian front Mildred Ardiel gave birth to a second son Douglass.

His early years were tough, however a passion for how things work and are developed on Christmas Day 1949. Only able to afford one Mechano Set his parents bought him and his brother one to share.

Dropping out of high school after tenth grade he decided to put his interest in to action. He eventually began work in Sudbury at the mines.

Flash Forward

It is the morning of February 27, and my dad and I are deciding where to go for lunch that day. When the idea of The Bruce Street Wine Bar comes up.

The Bruce Street Wine Bar

This is not your typical pizza joint, because where else can you find jars of such items as pickled squash and onions on shelves for display purposes? The toppings are not so conventional either. You can order a pizza with such toppings as leaks and spinach, or for you more traditional types they do have bacon and pepperoni. What’s also cool is that many of the toppings are locally grown.


My dad is a man with an ability to say volumes with out really saying very much, and his kindness and humility is a lesson for today’s hurrysome, and flashy world.

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