Get Your Heads On Straight, Mom And Dad. You’re Really Taking A Chance Here

Last Updated on: 9th December 2021, 07:04 pm

Here’s a sentence you don’t hear very often, I hope. Drunken Yahtzee argument.

According to documents filed Tuesday with the charges, Traill County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched about 2:34 a.m. De. 18 to 120 4th Ave. SE in Mayville on a report of a scared boy who called to report a domestic dispute that became physical.
The boy’s mother also got on the phone to report she was hit in the head with something, dispatch told deputies.
When deputies arrived, they spoke with Cutshall, whose cheek was swollen and marked with red, and who was slurring his words and hard to understand.
Cutshall, smelling strongly of alcohol, angrily denied hitting his wife with anything, court documents allege, and said she hit him in the face with an empty wine bottle.
A deputy then interviewed Cutshall’s son, who told them he came downstairs and found his mother on the floor with a bloody nose.
The boy told the deputy he went upstairs to bed when his parents began arguing while playing a game of Yahtzee. When he heard screaming, he went downstairs.
When a deputy told the boy he did a good job by calling 911, he said his father told him if he didn’t call 911, he was going to kill him, documents state.

An interview with mom was basically useless as she claimed not to remember anything about a wine bottle or even that she and her bloody nose had been assaulted, so police tried their luck with the only sober person in the room since kids generally don’t lie about these things. They learned that each parent had taken shots at the other and that if they were looking for the bottles, they’d be in the sink. They were. An empty 40 ounce beer bottle and a similarly drained bottle of wine the size of which was not noted were recovered, to be specific. Actually I suppose if we’re being specific it needs noting that the wine was Boone’s Farm, a brand with which I am not familiar but that a quick Google search suggests is the sort of beverage you might expect folks coming to blows over a game of Yahtzee would be enjoying.

This is purely speculation on my part based on the charges that were filed, but the whole thing might have ended up a wash had it not been for the small matter of Brian Cutshall threatening to kill his son while he was losing the fight. He was arrested on a charge of Class C felony terrorizing, to which he has since entered a plea of not guilty. The boy, meanwhile, has entered protective custody. It’s not known if the unidentified mother has entered anything, but treatment might be a good start.

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