Next Time At Least Take A Stab At A Better Hideout

If I were Jared Hudson and I’d just had an argument with my dad that ended when I stabbed him multiple times in the head with a screwdriver, running and hiding would most likely be my idea too. But of all the places I might go, I’d not have thought of one of the washrooms down at police headquarters. Way ahead of me on that one, Jared.

Osborn said when officers arrived Hudson had run off. The older man “was covered with blood and told us his son stabbed him” during an argument, he said.
The village’s canine led officers to a yellow-handled screwdriver near the railroad tracks behind the house, Osborn said.
Officer Laila Bratton, working the communications desk, then called to say she saw a man fitting the description going into the public bathroom at headquarters, Osborn said. Detectives Craig Long and Ann Cawley took Hudson into custody.

He was charged with second-degree assault and criminal possession of a weapon. Bail was set at $250. Dad was taken to hospital for treatment and later released.

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