Who I Am

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Gill, but today she sent this.

When I was younger I tossed the word pacifist around as if it were just a football for practice. I never considered what got me, or who brought me to this place.

The Footsteps before

In previous blogs on Remembrance Day I talked of my great-uncle Robert Alexander Budd Hewgill 1909-1984. Who served Canada in the Second World War transporting supplies, and risking his life. I also talked of my great-grandmother Mildred Cook-Macmurchy, who in the First World War left home and hearth to work in the factories.


So as people will gather to remind themselves of heroic efforts both in the history books, and now, I am reminded of the two heroes I never knew, but whose legacy will live on.

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