Loud Person Writes To Newspaper, Apparently Doesn’t Read It

Last Updated on: 5th November 2021, 03:42 pm

Oh hey look, everyone. It’s Steve, getting irritated by another dumb ass antivaxxer.

New restrictions violate privacy
I have a question about targeted COVID-19 restrictions.
What authority does a random person, with no credentials, hired for minimum wage, have to demand personal health information and identification from anyone just going about their daily lives?

I believe what you meant to say was “I have a stupid, insulting question about targeted COVID-19 restrictions,” but be that as it may.

The answer is a simple one. They have been given that authority by the Ontario government. The same Ontario government that gives some of those same under-paid workers you don’t appear to think much of the authority to ID you for all kinds of reasons. Making sure you are of legal age to buy cigarettes and beer, for example. As for the personal health information part, let us not forget that the province also has a hand in the same school boards that require you to show proof that you have immunized your children against a host of diseases that should probably include COVID, if we’re being honest.

What really is the goal to end the pandemic, herd immunization or herd mentality?

The answer to this one is also fairly simple. Yes. Yes, we should aim to immunize the herd. And yes, it sure would be easier to find ourselves in something resembling a post pandemic life if the stubborn, vocal minority of said herd would change its mentality to one that’s going to help us all reach that end.

Carol Swick,
West Lorne, Ont.

Thanks for writing, Carol. Now please go get vaccinated.

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