Welcome To Server Move 2015

At some point in the not so distant future (today or tomorrow would be a good bet), you might start noticing some weirdness with the site. This is because it’s moving to a new server. Hopefully it won’t take long, but I fully expect to screw something up somewhere along the way so lord only knows.

This, by the way, shouldn’t require any real effort on your part. The site’s address isn’t changing, so there’s nothing new for you to remember.

Talk to you when the job is done and the world’s DNS servers figure out where we are.

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    1. Pretty sure you were looking at a cached version of the site, which is strange since you saw it go away like everyone else did. But now here we are on the real one and we’re hitting what I hope is the home stretch now.

      1. wooo! You should write a post about the stupid that went on, since it sounds like it wasn’t your stupid. Weird weird stuff, this mysterious series of tubes.

        1. I’m not sure how useful a post that would be. the problem boiled down to part me being inexperienced, part a piece of missing information that I wasn’t really sure how to find when it didn’t appear where I thought it was supposed to (see above) and part James doing James things because even if I’d found it it probably wasn’t going to work properly without some database tinkering beyond my skill level because A: missing info and B: well, you know.

          But I’m glad things are coming together. All of the audio and such is uploading as I type and should start working pretty quickly. In fact I’ll bet a lot of it already does.

    1. No worries.

      And James is the awesome one. I’m glad he was around to help me get over that rather big hitch.

      I’ve just finished uploading all the various weekend audios and singing synths and whatnot. Hopefully it all works. Oh, and then I updated us to the latest WordPress. How shiny!

      1. James is just doing what James is good at. I didn’t have a me to bounce crap off of when I was learning, so hey, if I can reduce somebody’s bloodpressure, all the better. Nice to see it’s all doing what it should. Now hopefully yours won’t do what mine did the first day and spend about 1.5 hours offline because some fool taxed the server too much (that wasn’t me).

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