8 Of The Worst Wrestling Entrance Themes Ever

I hesitate to post this video because I’m An Ass Man wasn’t number one and the American Males song wasn’t ranked higher therefore rendering it factually incorrect, but it’s more right than it is wrong and it kept me entertained for 15 minutes, so it’s got more going for it than it doesn’t. Top 8 Worst Wrestling Themes

The Man Called Sting is a stupid song, but I kind of like it. does that make me a bad person? I mean if you ignore some of the lyrics, it’s clear that they were trying to write something decent.

Oh, and I’m glad that Johnny B. Badd’s song from that same era and same album come to think of it didn’t make the list. I’d have rioted if it had. Here. Alone. In my house.

1992 Steve probably would have saved his money to buy that stupid Slam Jam record just for this if anyone bothered selling it where he lived.

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