Today In What Are The Odds: Man Robs Car, Gets Hit By Another Car, Is Treated By Owner Of The First Car

If this story has taught me anything, it’s that paramedics are much better people than I am. I can’t guarantee that I wouldn’t have started harvesting this fella’s organs on the spot.

Firefighters at a station in the Central West End had noticed the lights were on in a car in the parking lot, fire Capt. Gregg Favre said.
After investigating, they found the car had been broken into.
The paramedic who owned the car filed a report with police about the break-in and the theft of possessions that has been inside.
Fifteen minutes later, the paramedic was among the first responders to a call about a pedestrian struck by a car in the 5500 block of Page Avenue in north St. Louis.

At that scene, the paramedic saw something that looked familiar — his gym bag and other personal possessions — lying next to the man who had been hit.

The medic called police to let them know they likely had a pretty short investigation on their hands, but only after treating the victim/living embodiment of what goes around comes around as he would in any other case.

There was no word on charges at the time this was written, but the luckiest unlucky man of the day was said to be in stable condition.

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