I Know It Gets Hot In Arizona, But…

I’m not sure what exactly went wrong with this fella’s weather map, but he handled it like a pro.

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  1. Yeah, I’m loving it here. There have been challenges, but they’re all worth it. Who’d have thunk I’d love living with a kid? Haha! He’s making Christmas so fun.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Kids are one of the best things about Christmas. They give it a sense of freshness and excitement that it loses for a lot of us as we get older. They even somehow make the shopping part more fun.

      Oh, and early happy birthday just in case I get hung up somewhere and don’t get a chance to say it when the day comes.

  2. Thanks!

    I realized today that I’ve been bah humbug the last several years for a reason. Being around all the Christmas cheer this year is making me so melancholy, missing the days when my family members were all alive and stuff. Hating Christmas made the past easier to bare somehow. But I wouldn’t go back, no way. The joy is worth the occasional bit of uber sadness.

    1. That makes total sense. There’s nothing like being around a happy Christmas that’s not exactly your own for the first time to make you think about all the ones that were yours. But sooner or later you’ll feel comfortable, I’m sure. The way you talk about all the things there, it’s inevitable that you’ll slide right in, probably sooner than you think.

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