Swipe Right, Swipe Some Money, What’s The Difference?

Going on a date with someone and then robbing that person has definitely been done before. I think we’ve even covered a few of those cases through the years, but the details escape me and I don’t feel like spending my Christmas Eve trying to figure out where on the damn website they live. But what I do seem to recall pretty clearly is that generally the robbery occurs on the first date, which makes some sense. Your target is unfamiliar with you and though it’s not always easy to get away, your odds are a little better. No one bothered explaining this to Jordan Callwood, apparently.

It seems Callwood met a woman on Tinder. They had a date which must have gone well, because they agreed to a second one. But sometimes the second date is where you start seeing those pesky character flaws, like Callwood’s annoying tendency to lift $650 from her purse while she wasn’t looking, then stop off so he could change clothes and never come back. Yup, can totally see how that one might be a dealbreaker.

The woman told police that Callwood asked to stop at an address on Beaver Terrace Circle so he could change.
“He never came back,” said Cronin. “She then noticed $650 was missing from her purse.”
The woman called police who searched the area without success. The woman told officers that Callwood has a friend on Charles Street and they found him hiding behind a car there, with $650 in cash on him.
Callwood admitted to stealing the money. He said he she had given him $650 to buy marijuana. When the seller did not show up, he decided to keep the money, the lieutenant said.

He went on to explain to the officer that he “didn’t think he would get in trouble because the money was going to be used to buy drugs,” which I assume means that he thought he had permission from his datevictim and not that he has a profound misunderstanding of how drug laws work, but who really knows when you’re dealing with someone like this.

In any event, once it was established that taking her money and running away wasn’t part of the evening’s planned activities, Callwood was charged with larceny of more than $250. He’s due back in court this January.

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