You’d Best Get Used To It. It’s Going To Be Even Hotter Where You’re Going

Today in those are some immense testicles you’re sporting there, ma’am: Colleen Walker, 30, who told the cops to turn on the air conditioning because it was too hot in the car…as they were hauling her in for having left her 5-year-old son in a sweltering car while she and the 3-year-old went shopping for either 12 minutes or a half hour depending on whether you believe her or the security cameras.

Surveillance video showed Walker in the store for about 30 minutes with her 3-year-old daughter.
A firefighter told Walker her son was lucky to be alive.
“We get cases and cases where, 10, 15 minutes the kid is dead,” the firefighter said.
The South Daytona Fire Department checked the temperature of the vehicle, which was 107 degrees.
The child’s vitals were checked and he was OK.
Police said while she was being driven to jail, Walker told officers to put on the air conditioning because it was “too hot.”
“She was complaining that the backseat of our patrol car was too hot on her way to the jail, and asked the officer to turn the AC up,” Lt. Dan Dietrich said.

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