Salvation Army Christmas Kettles Are Starting To Take Plastic

This is kind of nice. I rarely have cash on me anymore, and when I do happen to have loose change it goes into a jar so that eventually I can take it to the bank and transform it into not cash I can later use to buy things electronically. It’ll be good to not have to say no when I want to give. The only down side to this catching on is that it also works the other way, making you look like an even bigger prick when you refuse because you either don’t want to or can’t give right then.

The Salvation Army’s annual kettle campaign is taking more than just loose change this year.
The charity is now accepting donations by debit or credit on portable machines. 
Nine Ontario cities are piloting point of sale machines in London, Oakville, Hamilton, Hespeler, North Bay, Georgetown, Milton, Sudbury and Listowel.

The pilot has been tried with success other parts of Canada, including Calgary and Edmonton.
Shannon Wise, a spokesperson with the Salvation Army in London, said the machines give people more options to donate.
“We have received positive feedback from donors and community members, but it is just one location, so not a lot of people know about it yet,” she said.

If you do want to give by either cash or card, the kettles will be out until Christmas Eve. No spare change? The Salvation Army kettle campaign taking debit or credit

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