We Needed Superman And We Got Clark Can’t

I’ve paid some attention, but in the grand scheme of life I haven’t spent a whole lot of time thinking about the Mueller report.

Part of that comes with being an Ontarian and a Canadian. We’ve got our own political issues to deal with right now, as you may have noticed if you’ve been coming here with any degree of regularity.

But there’s another issue at work. The thing is, and I can’t even believe I’m saying this considering the subject matter, kind of underwhelming.

To my understanding, it’s basically hundreds of pages of here’s a bunch of dubious stuff the president and his inner circle did, but we’re not going to do anything about it, you figure it out. Maybe you figure it out might be ok at a different point in history (probably not), but have you seen this congress and senate? I expect the Republicans to be useless on this front because for better or worse their guy is in charge and they’d rather fall in line for the sake of power than do the right thing for the country they’re elected and paid to represent, but even the fucking Democrats are dropping the ball. Christ, they can’t even pick the damn thing up so they can drop it. They can’t even get along with each other half the time, not to mention that they’re so worried about upsetting a base of people who will never vote for them anyway that they’re scared to push too hard on even the most trivial of issues for fear of a tweet storm from the man baby in chief. Yes, some of them are pretty good at saying some strong words in a very dramatic manner, but that and a nickel will get you a nickel, and even that nickel is probably going to get pissed away on a useless border wall. All of those strong words mean nothing if they aren’t followed by action from people in a position to act, and to the Democrats and even what’s left of the reasonable Republicans, action seems to be little more than kicking that dropped ball down the road a couple years and hoping for the best on election day.

Telling everyone to read the report is fine and dandy, but Mueller had power he didn’t use. He took no chances. He took no action, nor did he force anyone else to take any. The last two years have solved nothing. They’ve just given more politicians the chance to say more words while the entire concept of right and wrong swirls in the bowl. That helps no one now, and it makes things worse for the generations to come.

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