That’s As Queer As A $25 Bill…Wait, What?

I just learned something. Canada used to have a $25 bill.

Front of the Canadian $25 bill, which is a real thing that used to exist.
No officer, this is not a counterfeit. Honest.

It was a limited-edition commemorative banknote, issued only for a short period in 1935 to in honour of the silver jubilee of King George V, Canada’s reigning monarch at the time. The note features a portrait of the King alongside his wife, Queen Mary.
There are approximately 1,840 of these bills and they’re still legal tender, meaning you could technically take one to a store and make a purchase if you had one.

If you want to do that, you’ll need to do it soon. As of January 1st, 2021, they, along with our old $1, $2, $500 and $1000 bills will be losing that legal tender status. After that, it will no longer be lawful to confuse the living heck out of the poor kids behind the counters of our land.

Personally, I’d hang on to that $25. I imagine it’s going to be worth a good bit more than that if it isn’t already. And hey, even if it isn’t, it makes for a cool conversation piece.

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