Frozen? Naah. It’s Getting Pretty Hot In Here, Actually

Last Updated on: 6th September 2022, 04:27 pm

Police said Cody Meader, 20, of St. Petersburg, entered the store around 2 p.m. Tuesday. He walked up to a display of merchandise from Frozen, picked a large Olaf stuffed animal, placed it on the floor and proceeded to rub himself against it until he ejaculated.

Then he put it back on the display.
Authorities said Meader then walked into a toy aisle and grabbed another stuffed animal, this time a large unicorn, and rubbed himself against it as well.

Did he let it go again? We don’t know. It doesn’t say. And curious as I am, that’s probably for the best.

What we do know is that Meader was detained by police in the store, at which point he is said to have admitted to doing “stupid stuff.”

They also spoke to his father for some reason, even though he wasn’t in the store at the time. He told them that his son has done things like this before, although he doesn’t appear to have ever been arrested for it.

Meader was taken to the Pinellas County jail on one count of criminal mischief but was bailed out soon after.

The stuffed animals were taken out back and Old Yellered for everyone’s benefit.

Police say that they’re unsure whether mental health is a factor in this case.


2022 update:

In January, a sentence was handed down in this case.

A man who engaged in sexual conduct with a pair of “large stuffed animal toys” at a Target store in Florida was sentenced today to six months probation after pleading no contest to indecent exposure and criminal mischief charges.
Cody Meader, 22, entered his misdemeanor plea before a Circuit Court judge who also ordered the St. Petersburg man to pay $725 in court costs and
fines, according to court records.

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