No Mask, No Heart, Big Problem

Let me make this as simple as possible. If I know you and I find out you’ve been doing this, the next time we’re unfortunate enough to be in the same place at the same time I’m going to punch you in the fucking throat so hard that you actually will have a breathing problem. I’ll do it on behalf of people very close to me and people I don’t even know. On behalf of anyone that your idiocy and selfishness could potentially get killed, basically. Seriously, if showing compassion and humanity is as simple as putting a cloth on your head, just put the damn cloth on your head.

And stop spreading dumb conspiracy theories that a first grader could poke holes in and not appreciating how serious all of this is while you’re at it. Listening to your shit is getting beyond tiresome, and I’m not even a guy who spends way too much of his time on social media. If the massive trail of death and carnage isn’t enough to convince you that the virus is real by now, you’re a moron.

A week after anti-mask groups rode public transit without face coverings to protest new city bylaws requiring them, the same groups are now making “exemption cards” that claim they are medically exempt from wearing face coverings.

CBC Toronto is not naming the groups, nor the people involved with them, so as to not publicize false information.
The Canadian Red Cross says the cards contain a version of the organization’s emblem that is being used without permission.
“This is a misuse of the red cross emblem and we are pursuing actions to have it removed,” a spokesperson said in a statement.
“No organization — except the Canadian Red Cross and the medical services of the armed forces has the right to use the red cross emblem in Canada.”

Posts about the cards can be found on many social media platforms. In one such video, a man smiles and laughs while holding the card and saying, “Mandatory mask? Not with this.”
The account that shared the video is run by a man and woman who are leading one of Toronto’s anti-mask groups. It has also shared a host of debunked material and conspiracy theories in recent days.

In another video shared by the same account, a man visits Toronto Western Hospital, where he is told by an employee he has to wear a mask to seek care. He responds that he has a medical condition, and shows the card. Later, he smiles at the camera and says, “The card definitely helped.”

Hopefully that’ll be the last time it does, douchebag.

By the way, even though it’s likely not possible, somebody needs to do a study on the overlap between these anti-mask lunatics and the arse darts who buy fake service dog vests and paperwork so that they can sneak Fluffykins into their local Dollarama. I feel like some of them have got to be the same people. They’ve already got the being inconsiderate towards others and making life more difficult for people with legitimate disabilities parts down, so it isn’t that much of a stretch.

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