Are You Taking The Piss?

I’m curious. Under what circumstances would you accuse somebody of being a drug addict, have him prove to you that he isn’t, and then take this news as such an affront that you feel you must throw the drug test piss cup all over him?

Hold on. What’s that? This is Florida? Right. Ok then. Carry on.

Deputies say 29-year-old Jacob Pattenaude got into an argument with the victim and accused him of being a drug addict. Pattenaude then gave the victim a drug test kit, which the victim used.
Pattenaude got angry when the results showed the victim was not using drug, an arrest report says. Deputies say Pattenaude threw the cup of urine at the victim, hitting him in the shoulder and face.

They also noted that there were wet areas on the victim’s shirt, but did not state whether or not they sniffed them just to make sure all was as it appeared.

Pattenaude was charged with simple battery.

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