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Last Updated on: 15th November 2020, 09:14 am

Some of my dreams have a freaky way of coming true, especially if they involve technology. I had a dream that every few years, after you had customized your computer just the way you liked it, it would forget everything and you had to keep remembering to make backups so you could bring it back faster. That’s not entirely correct, but sometimes it feels like it. I also had a dream that every Apple IIE had a secret realm that you could enter through the old Integer language. I could never quite get there, but I swear the computer could talk to other computers if the user just knew the right commands. In the dreams, that > sign was the key to unlocking a magical place where computers could talk to each other, sing songs and do all sorts of amazing things. This was before there was an internet that everybody could use. I also had a dream that there were cars that could drive themselves. I would just type the destination in, climb in the back and off we would go. I felt so liberated because I could now drive! Of course in my dream, I took a nap, only to wake up as my car either had an accident or didn’t arrive at the destination I intended and it was off by a non-trivial amount.

Now, my soup-making robot has been invented! I can hardly believe it!

While we may not have the flying cars from the Jetsons, an Ottawa company has created a cooking robot.
If you enjoy home cooked meals; but you are short on time or the recipes do not turn out exactly like in the cookbook – an Ottawa-based inventor would like you to meet Oliver.
“Oliver is a smart cooking robot — recipe library, meal planner, shopping assistant, and expert chef all in one,” says inventor Khalid Aboujassoum.
“It will basically control the cooking temperature, the cooking time, and stirring – so that everything is cooked to perfection.”
It’s a do-everything kitchen gadget connected to your smartphone that cooks for you anything that would normally be cooked on a stovetop.

It’s just like my dream. You gave it the ingredients, and…how did I put it? “Imagine if you were giving your recipe to Amelia Bedelia.” Yup, that’s it. Then it followed your instructions to the letter, and you had dinner.

I really wish I was smarter. I could invent some cool gadgets from the ideas that come to me in dreams.

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  1. I used to have the self-driving car thoughts too, but I had them as daydreams and in mine, nobody died. It was just a matter of figuring out how to outfit all of the cars with the old Apple computers like you and I both had at home. There would be a program on it where all you had to do was put in an address and it would handle the rest. I thought it would be a slick way to be able to visit my grandma and grandpa.

    By the way, if following *my* instructions to the letter produced food that came out properly, why would I need the robot? Haha.

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