Cool App, Boring Name

The other night, I saw something on the news about an app that people can use to identify ticks, called eTick. If you or your pet end up with a tick stuck to you, once you get it removed, you can take a picture of it, submit it to this app and someone can tell you what kind of tick it is and how likely it is to carry Lime Disease. That is definitely a great idea, especially since Public Health isn’t accepting actual bagged up ticks for analysis right now.

But I think the name could have been better. What about Tick Talk? I mean, the actual TikTok is built by a company called ByteDance, so that makes it even better.

Or, how about Tick Pics? When you think about it, tick pics are gross, but at least the people receiving the images actually agreed to look at them.

They could even call it Limewire. Yes, I know that one’s taken, but even that would be more memorable than eTick.

I hope lots of people get use out of the app, whatever it’s called. It’s definitely a neat idea.

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