My Sanity Is Shot!

So I’m sitting here watching the news and just absolutely seething right now!

Pretty sure I’ve mentioned a time or 12 that I hate our provincial government. I’m fair when I need to be, but generally speaking, they fucking suck. And this latest vaccine shit absolutely is not helping to change that opinion.

You see, another thing I’ve mentioned at least once is how awful the mixed messaging about AstraZeneca has been from the start. Admittedly that isn’t all Ford’s fault, but this week is all on him and his people.

These absolute motherfuckers just put a pause on giving out AZ as a first dose because a couple of people got blood clots that could possibly be related to it. Cool. Better to be safe than sorry. The problem is that in the next breath, we’re being told that if we did get it as our first dose, we did the right thing and were given a very safe and effective vaccine. Then in breath number three, they say that they have no idea what they’re going to do with the 50000 or so doses they still have sitting around or the couple hundred thousand they’re about to receive.

Here’s an idea, you incompetent garbage clowns. Maybe, instead of letting them rot in storage while you sit there with no idea what to do next, you could, I dunno, give the nearly 100 percent of us who got our first one and didn’t die our second shot. If we did the right thing, what would be the problem with that especially since the evidence (such as it is) seems to be that the issues happen within a couple weeks of receiving shot one? That seems a damn sight better than sitting there spinning around on your thumbs like a bunch of befuddled douchetops while you’re taken by surprise over and over again by the same supply problems the whole country has had since the start and figuring out if it’s safe to mix and match vaccines on us like we’re one giant chemistry set. If you know something nobody else does and AZ doesn’t work, just say so. Otherwise, get us the hell vaccinated.

I’d like to say I feel better getting that out of my system, but that would be a lie. I have less and less confidence in everyone involved in our vaccine strategy with each passing day. I understand that there are going to be times when things come up and we have to change directions. That’s fine. We’re figuring a lot of this out in real time just like we have been all pandemic long. But if I have to listen to one more smiling dipshit make an overly optimistic announcement based on things that haven’t happened yet and then have to sheepishly walk it back a couple days later when a shipment gets delayed because somebody decides now is a great time to upgrade a factory or some shit I’m going to pound a needle into somebody’s eye. Part of figuring things out in real time or otherwise is that we learn from them. Can we please start doing that? We’ve been doing this since De-fucking-cember, and it was getting old then.

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