And I Mean It!

This TV commercial keeps coming on, and is yet another example of an ad that doesn’t say what it’s for. But it’s a campaign ad, and for some reason, that bugs me even more.

The viewer can sort of discern that it’s NDP because of the talking points, but how do they know for sure? If the NDP want to use this to get people’s votes, they should try to reach as many people as they can, and not saying the party’s name decreases the chances that people will actually notice whose ad they just heard. Plus, don’t they want to get the vote of people who can’t see their ad? I know, some people will say there aren’t enough blind people to care about, but that’s not what I’m saying, even though I’d beg to differ. Think about it. I know advertisers don’t want to acknowledge this, but commercial breaks are when people leave the room to go pee, get a drink, do something else. They’re not looking at the TV screen. They might hear the ad and wonder who it’s for, but never know. But if it had said “A message from the NDP” at the end, they would know without having seen the screen. And just like that, the ad would have reached more people.

I’m a little sad, NDP. I thought you could do better.

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