We Said Use The Knife On The Food, Not On The Dude!

Story is almost a year old, but it still serves as a good reminder for us all to be better not only this year, but for how ever many more years we’re getting before the planet melts or blows up or washes away or dies of stubbornness or whatever it’s supposed to be doing this week.

The wrong person got murdered, by the way. Assuming the facts as presented are correct, of course.

James Dixon, 28, is charged with killing Vincell Jackson, 52, who was the boyfriend of the Thanksgiving party host.
Jackson was trying to escort Dixon out of the Chicago house because he had put his hands in leftovers early Friday, Assistant State’s Attorney Susie Bucaro said. The fight moved to the porch, where Jackson was stabbed at least nine times, Bucaro told a judge Sunday.

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