He Was In Bobcaygeon, Doing Computations…

Last Updated on: 21st September 2021, 11:32 am

I haven’t seen a lot of all the nephews over the past couple of years because pandemic, but I have been hearing stories about them, particularly the one I call the Sukie Jukie nephew. I swear, he’s a boy genius.

First off, he could spell his name when he was two. He could also spell other words. You know how people spell words so their kids don’t know what they’re talking about? Don’t do that with Sukie Jukie!

He’s also always paying attention and hoovering up every bit of knowledge he can. One time when he wasn’t even 2 yet, he pointed at a cup in my sister’s kitchen and said something that sounded like “Ai Weiwei!” I thought he was just babbling, but then my sister said “Yes! That cup was designed by Ai Weiwei!”

Last year, I got him a stuffy shaped like the Coronavirus. When it finally arrived, he loved it, and he even made a joke that he wanted to take it to school and say “I got COVID-19!” and pull out the stuffy. That’s a pretty funny joke for a four-year-old to come up with on his own.

We’ve had a few Zoom calls and he’s always drawing. Once, we asked him what he was drawing and he said “A COVID vacuum!” It sucks up all the COVID!” Then later, he was drawing and he said it was “a pizza drone!” He might have heard something about a pizza drone, but COVID vacuum was all his.

But this latest one makes me laugh when I even think about it for a second. My sister has a cottage up in the Bancroft area. I guess there was some kind of detour near the cottage that went through Bobcaygeon. Once Bobcaygeon was mentioned, out of the back seat, Sukie Jukie could be heard saying “That’s where the constellations reveal themselves one star at a time!”

He does love looking at stars, so maybe he genuinely wondered what that would look like.

I guess my mom had never heard the song, or never noticed the lyrics, so she was very confused. Then she heard it, and was amazed.

All I can say is he’s going to do great things when he’s older.

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  1. He’s a pretty cool kid. I’m glad I’m not the one who has to take care of him, though. Not because he would be a pain in the butt or it wouldn’t be a load of fun, but because there’s no slipping anything by him. Was he 2 or 3 when he started getting suspicious of Santa?

    And I love that hip story. Your mom’s text about it was hilarious too. “I have a story about a song. If you don’t get it, check with Steve.” I’m shocked she didn’t know it. It’s one of those songs I thought everyone knew even if they didn’t know they knew it. Maybe you aren’t sure, but then you hear a few seconds of it and you’re like “oh yeah that one. Of course.”

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