It’s A Pandemic, Charlie Brown!

Gill ran into an antivaxx or antimask protest group and thankfully the interaction sounded relatively mild, but it did make me think. I always worry about running into one of these packs of protesters when I’m walking around with Tansy. Maybe I’m weird, but even when I’m outside, I end up just keeping my mask on, not because I’m scared or whatever, but because it’s easier. For one thing, as soon as I get back to the door of the building, I am supposed to have my mask on when I go in. So since I sometimes end up not being able to stop and put it on because people are behind me or someone is holding the door, it’s just simpler to leave it on my face. Plus, Shmans has this silly habit of darting back and forth from side to side. I try to keep it to a minimum but it happens, and sometimes that means I end up all up in someone’s space, so I hope they might be less irritated with me if I’m wearing a mask. But I wonder what some of these individuals would do if they saw me wearing a mask outside. I really don’t want to deal with it and I hope I won’t have to. Here’s Gill’s thoughts on the crew that she ran into on the street.

Before I begin, I must tell you there’s some sarcasm coming, so sit back, at a safe distance, grab something cold to drink, and get slightly uncomfortable.

Sanity Walks
Ever since quarantine began around a year-and-a-half ago, I have wracked my brains for things to do so that I won’t go stir crazy. One thing I’ve always enjoyed is walking, so most days I like to take what I call a sanity walk.  It’s never overly far, just to my neighborhood library, with some stops along the way.

Upstanding Citizens
Saturday I went about the business of my sanity stroll expecting just to run in to a neighbor or two for some commentary on the weather or just minor chit-chat that neighbors often engage in.  I didn’t realize that the weekly “brain surgeon” convention was taking place.  There were a few fine upstanding members of the community milling about, no social distancing, no masks, carrying signs.  I asked the lovely folks what they were doing, and one of the lead “brain surgeons” told me they were a member of some group protesting vaccines for freedom’s sake.  Upon my return back down the sidewalk, the fine pillars of the community had dispersed.

I remind myself that had a quick thinking doctor not come up with a way to steam the diphtheria out of my great-grandfather back in the 1880s I probably wouldn’t be here.  Whether you believe it or not God has given you free will, but use it wisely.

Final Thoughts
Though I may have made fun of those folks protesting the mandatory vaccination rules, I seriously hope that they might change their minds and realize that one infection could start a chain reaction.  When I sat to get my vaccines, and each time I don my mask, I think of the heartbreak my great-great-grandmother Agnes Gaudin-Hewgill felt each time one of her children took their last breaths because of diseases we don’t even think about now.  So often we take these advancements for granted, but they do make a difference.

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  1. Honest to god, I’m about done with these morons. I didn’t have much time for them to begin with mind you, but the next time somebody tries to explain to me that not getting vaccinated against a highly contagious disease is a personal choice that impacts nobody but them, I may have to choke a bitch. The mere fact that you’re out here interacting with other human beings, ranting and screaming and spreading your dipshit spit far and wide makes your choice my choice. I don’t know why this is so hard to understand.

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