She’s Got The Freshest Breath In The Room, Assuming She’s Still Breathing

Not exactly cutting edge news here (story is from 2015), but I’m sharing for 2 reasons. 1: Because it reminds me of this and 2: because holy shit, right?

According to an incident report from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, 57-year-old Neil Berry of Appling came home on Sunday night to find his wife, 59-year-old Sandra Berry, in his home. The couple are reportedly separated. Mrs Berry told Mr Berry that she drank something from a plastic bottle under a cabinet labelled “Apple Cinnamon.” She believed it to be moonshine. Mr Berry informed her that what she had drank was in fact, car air freshener. Mrs. Berry reportedly sat down because she had become dizzy. While Mr Berry began researching the effects of drinking air freshener, Mrs Berry reportedly collapsed from her chair.

She was taken to hospital, where I assume she recovered. Information on her condition is proving hard to find.

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