Are We Even Sure Car Accidents Are Real? I’ve Never Died In One

Pretty sure I know this guy. Shit, I think I know 12 of him. WHY I’M DOING MY OWN RESEARCH BEFORE USING A SEAT BELT

Here’s a question: How did they come up with seat belts so quickly? We’ve only had over a hundred years of car safety innovation and research that have built to this moment in time when we have seat belts. Don’t you think that’s a little bit rushed?
And did you know that seat belts aren’t even belts for seats? They’re belts for the people in the seats. They should be called people belts. And would you ever wear something called a “people belt”? Probably not, because it sounds super weird. And that’s why they called them “seat belts” to begin with—to get people to use them without thinking about how creepy “people belt” would sound.
Sure, we’ve been told time and again that seat belts prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected from their vehicle during a crash. But tell me this: What happens during a crash? The car gets damaged, or even totaled. So during a crash, wouldn’t you want to be anywhere other than the car? Doesn’t being in the car sound like the worst place to be? Ejection actually seems like the safest way to go.

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