Of Course They’ll Give Me The Money. They Know Me Here

I don’t know much about Fountain Valley, California. I don’t even think I had heard of it until just now. But if there’s one thing I do know about it, that thing is that it is the home of more than one bank. In fact, typing the words “Fountain Valley California bank” into Google like I did a few seconds ago shows that there are at least three of them there, all of which appear to be on the same street. Maybe Google is lying. Now and then it does that. But generally speaking it’s pretty good at getting those types of things right, which for the sake of our friend here hopefully means that he uses a less powerful search engine and not that he’s just a big dumb idiot.

The man entered a Chase bank in the city of Fountain Valley Monday afternoon and gave a teller a note demanding money, officials said.
He fled with a “large amount of cash” before officers got to the bank, the Fountain Valley Police Department said in a statement.
Late Tuesday morning, police received a call about another robbery in progress at the same Chase bank, the statement said.
Responding officers arrested the 33-year-old suspect.

At last word he was being held at the Orange County Jail until he could come up with $170,000 bail. Guess Monday’s large amount of cash wasn’t quite large enough.

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