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Last Updated on: 19th January 2022, 09:54 am

‘Bundle up’: Restaurants reopen patios due to restrictions on indoor dining
This is an article from this month. This month is January, in case you’re reading this later.

I understand that businesses are having to do what they have to do to keep going, but what I don’t get is how and why in the hell this particular strategy actually seems to be working.

My main goal in winter is to not be outside. When I fail at that, it’s to get back inside as soon as possible. So I would really have to hate where I live for sitting on a Canadian patio in January to look like a reasonable alternative to delivery, either that or be drunk to the point that I am no longer capable of feeling cold weather. I hope never to attain such a level of drunkenness, because I know me, and the reason I would no longer be feeling the cold weather is because I would be dead.

And please, stop with this we’re Canadian so its nice to get out and enjoy the weather business. That’s like saying “we’re from Florida
, so it’s great to have the alligators shear off our arms and legs.”

For the economy’s sake I suppose it’s nice that there are enough maniacs out there to make this viable, but on the other hand, that’s a lot of maniacs.

Now, some Waterloo Region restaurants are hoping to bring people out by reopening their patios.
“Bundle up. We are also looking at getting some blankets to provide,” said Bill Siegfried, the vice president at Moose Winooskis in Kitchener.
To encourage more patio patrons, Moose Winooskis also has two 16-foot heaters and eight standing mushroom heaters.
Staff say so far It’s been working and they have had tables dining outdoors.
“I’m gonna say about 20 in total yesterday. We had three tables today for lunch,” said Siegfried.
According to the new rules laid out by the province, tables are to be capped at 10 people.
“It’s nice. We’re Canadian. So, you get to be outside and enjoy the weather while you can,” said Adam Cole, the manager at Prohibition Warehouse and Kentucky Bourbon in Waterloo.

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