So About Those iOS 14 Security Patches

Remember a few months ago when Apple announced that cool thing where you would be able to get important security updates for iOS 14 and not have to upgrade to iOS 15 before you were ready? Well, guess what. You’re ready, whether you’re ready or not.

So far there’s no official word from Apple about why they’ve gone this direction. All we have is the bunch of speculation in the second link up there. But if it’s anything other than a flaw so complex that it can’t be backported without messing up a whole bunch of other things, it’s a real shame to see it go. It was a nice, customer friendly option to have.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple suddenly stopped making security updates available to people using versions of iOS 14. The last security patch made available for devices not on iOS 15 was iOS 14.8.1, released in October. However, it’s no longer available for people using iOS 14.8 — the only upgrade option is the new iOS 15.2.1 update.

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