More Than The Lights Were Flashing

Investigators say that Terry Majors, 30, called 911 Thursday afternoon seeking medical assistance.
But once inside a Sunstar ambulance, Majors allegedly removed his clothes and began masturbating, according to a misdemeanor criminal complaint.
Majors, who “was wearing a condom” at the time, was “looking at EMTs that were trying to treat him” while he was pleasuring himself.
At some point as the ambulance traveled in St. Petersburg, Majors “asked for an ice pack,” which he then “proceeded to fold…and masturbate with” while en route to the hospital.

It doesn’t say here whether the ambulance wound up taking him to the hospital for treatment or if they just dumped his ass out on the highway or at a police station. But the way police like to stack charges, if I were a betting man I’d say he went. He was only charged with exposure of sexual organs. Nothing about misusing an emergency service.

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