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Wrestling and wrestler no longer considered ‘dirty words’ in WWE
Good god in heaven do I ever hope this is true. WWE does a million stupid things, but the ridiculous attempts to get rid of words like wrestling and wrestler will always be near the top of my list no matter what else ever happens.

Sports entertainment, while a technically accurate description of pro wrestling in general, is a goofy phrase and no normal person will ever use it unless they’re paid to do so or are making fun of it because it’s silly. WWE has always been and always will be professional wrestling. Wrestling is right there in the name of the company, for christ’s sake. Short of changing it to World Sports Entertainmenting Entertainment which I’m honestly not sure I’d have put past Vince had he stuck around long enough to lose what little is left of his creative mind, there’s no running away from it.

I don’t know what expectations I should have for the post Vince era. Change is slow, and it’s still so fresh that it’s hard to tell how much anyone truly plans on changing. But this is certainly a good start.

Next, can we bring back “belt” and “title shot”? If I never hear the words “championship opportunity” again it’ll be too soon.

“Wrestling” and “wrestler” are no longer considered “dirty words” in WWE. 
The two terms had been banned in the company in favor of “sports entertainment” and “sports entertainer” in recent years.  
Dave Meltzer addressed this and the more “relaxed” atmosphere under WWE’s new regime in Friday’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. 
“It was noted it was more relaxed and calmer, that the women felt there is going to be more focus on them and that the words wrestler and wrestling were no longer dirty words talent was instructed to never use without authorization, and almost everyone considers that a good thing,” Meltzer wrote.

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