I Think I Know This Guy

A few of him, actually. And some of him didn’t even bother with the fall out of touch part. Just skipped straight to the “What in the goddamn hell happened to you, dude?” phase somewhere during the pandemic while everybody was distracted. HELLO, WE USED TO KNOW EACH OTHER AND NOW I’M A TOXIC PRESENCE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS

Hello, I’m someone you used to know. Pretty well, in fact. We had some good conversations. We saw eye to eye on all the important things. We laughed. We had a solid connection. Or so you thought.
Our paths went different ways, and we fell out of touch. That happens. No biggie.
And now, here I am, on your social media feed, however many years later. And guess what? I’m an asshole!
Yep, somewhere along the way, I took a wild lurch into the weeds of fringe beliefs. I selectively reject science, and then liken the pushback I get for this to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. I actually say this, in writing, on a widely read forum, without a trace of shame or irony. Not only that, sometimes I propagate and defend hate speech, and dismiss any criticism I get from this as censorship—even though I’m on a privately owned platform.

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