Use Your Words. And Use Them Properly, While You’re AT It

38 Word Usage Mistakes Even Smart People Make
This is a handy list, and I can see myself referring to it often since there are a few on it that I have to frequently remind myself how to get right (whose vs. who’s trips me up more than I’d like and I don’t know why). There are also plenty that drive me bonkers when other people get them wrong (flout and flaunt made the cut). There’s even “alright”, which I will openly admit I use intentionally. I’ve tried to stop a few times, but I always go back to it. It just sounds better to me that way. Don’t ask me why. It’s as irrational as my hatred of the word “prouder” because it sounds like a word little kids get wrong (think “worser). It’s as irrational as English itself, really.

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