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Last Updated on: 28th December 2018, 04:21 pm

There have been a few things happening to me lately as I walk around that I thought were interesting enough to write down. Here they are, in somewhat random order.

People have this very cute need to protect me. The other morning as I took Trixie down for her first of the morning business, I shared the elevator with a lady. When she realized I was going outside, she physically blocked my way and said, “You need a coat, it’s raining heavy out there. I told her I really wasn’t going far, but she said I absolutely had to have a coat. so I turned around and went back up and got my coat. When I got back down, it was barely spitting! That was goofy! Maybe the weather drastically changed, which is possible, but if it didn’t, she has an interesting vision of heavy rain. The way she was insisting, I was expecting a storm of near biblical proportions!

This amuses me. People have a tendency to tell me, as I walk through the rain, that it’s raining. Do they think I don’t know what’s hitting my head? Do I have this perplexed look on my face as if to say, “What is falling from the sky? Is it milk?”

There’s this one woman in my building who I think is terrified of dogs. She doesn’t speak english very well, this I know. Whenever I approach her, she says “No! No! No! No!” As I put some distance between her and me, she says “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Once, she was inside the little vestibule to our building. I put my hand on the door, and from the other side, I hear “No! No! No!” What, lady, I’m not allowed in my own apartment building?

Here’s a strange question I got today. A guy asked me why I don’t have a cane as well as the dog. Uh, do you see that a lot? He was like “So how are you going to know when you hit steps.” Then he opened the door, wanted to make sure I got in and disappeared before I could explain to him that it’s her job to stop at steps.

so do people actually see people walking around with dogs *and* canes?

That’s about it for now. Wow, that was short.

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