Get Off My Lawn! Like Literally, Get Off The Lawn

Totally with Gill on this one. We have the same problem in our neighbourhood. We’re in very close proximity to a Walmart, plus there are several other grocery stores within reasonable walking distance. So because people are energetic enough to take a walk but too lazy to carry things and/or too cheap to buy their own buggies, there are often shopping carts every damn where. On the sidewalk, on the lawn, blocking the crosswalk, now and then one will wind up in the street…it’s ridiculous.

I’m not sure how you solve this problem (a GPS enabled electrified geofence to keep the carts on store property sounds satisfying but leaves too much room for innocent victims), but I hope someone figures it out one day. It’s just so inconsiderate. I don’t expect that the kind of person who does this spends much time caring about the needs of anyone with a disability, but on the off chance that I’m wrong, please just wheel the friggin things back where you got them if you must bring them home. Everyone in a walker or wheelchair and anyone with bad vision will thank you. Or better yet, we won’t even need to know you exist.

For the love of all things decent and holy, please put your grocery or shopping buggies back where they belong!  I don’t know how many times I have been out taking a stroll when there has been sometimes as many as four carts on sidewalks or some other higglety-piglety place.  So please just put them where they belong, those parking places are there for a reason.


What boils your potatoes when it comes to shopping malls, supermarkets, and department stores?

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  1. A pot of water is usually what boils my potatoes. Whether I’m shopping or just doing normal things. Is there something else that boils your potatoes when you go grocery shopping other than water? Also Gill, it seems like you are now more a contributor than Matt is. So that’s pretty cool.

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