Let’s Get Together…For a Breath Test

You’ll never guess what a woman who handed the cops an LCBO gift card instead of her driver’s licence during a traffic stop was arrested for. Either that or it’ll be about as easy as the collar itself. Who can say?

An Orangeville-area female was arrested for impaired driving in Guelph Friday morning after handing over an LCBO gift card when asked for her driver’s licence.

A vehicle was observed to be driving erratically on the University of Guelph campus approximately 2:35 a.m. and was stopped. While producing the LCBO card the driver denied she had been drinking, however officers could detect an odour of alcoholic beverage.
The driver registered a fail on roadside screening device and was returned to the Guelph police station where further testing confirmed she had more than the legal amount of alcohol in her system.

Her actual licence was suspended for 90 days and her car was impounded for 14. The fate of the gift certificate was not reported, although one can surmise that it too was impounded.

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