I’m Starting To Think I’m Being Taken For A Ride. What Do I Look Like, A Trailer?

I’ve never sold anything large like a trailer across the U.S. Canada border, so I’m not going to judge the idea that it could perhaps take a while to get things done or that there could be a few snags along the way too harshly. But there’s one line here that jumped straight out at me and kind of made the idea of a sale that started in 2017 dragging on into 2022 make a lot more sense.

According to the OPP, the victim, who was a resident of Perth East, had agreed to sell a trailer to a person south of the border.
They say the suspect reported a number of complications such as issues at the border that resulted in the victim sending the money over many years.
“He was also told he won money, so he had to send money to get access to it,” a police spokesperson told Global News in an email.


They must have seen this guy coming from miles away.

“I know I keep asking you for money to help us free something *I* bought from regulatory hell, and it’s getting rough on you. I feel bad about that. But there’s good news. That lottery you didn’t enter? Well my friend, you won it! You’re paid back and then some! All you’ve got to do is send me a couple grand to square away the taxes…”

“Fantastic! Should I send that to your Nigerian friend like usual?”

In the end, the trailer never made it across the border. Hopefully buddy here at least got that back.

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