Last Updated on: 3rd November 2022, 07:23 pm

I know what Amazon is trying for here, but referencing “Fido”, “four legged customers” and paw print icons in your response to one of your workers being mauled to death by a couple of crazed dogs while delivering a package comes off juuuuuuuust a little insensitive, am I wrong?

On Wednesday Vice published a message sent to some drivers titled “Dog Awareness/Engagement” which blithely called on workers to watch out for, “our-four legged customers.” The message said Amazon would add a “paw print icon” in a driver’s delivery notes to inform them they should, “be aware of a dog at this stop.”

“If we know Fido is nearby, we’ll add the paw print to give you a heads up,” the note sent to drivers reads. “As always, contact the customer to help you with the pet, or ‘Driver Support’ in the Delivery App if you can’t reach the customer.”
The deceased Amazon driver was reportedly found dead in an Excelsior Springs, Missouri yard earlier this week, surrounded by two highly aggressive dogs, according to NBC News. Police from the Ray County Sheriff’s office arrived on the scene after neighbors reported seeing an Amazon van parked outside for hours. Deputies shot and killed the two dogs when they arrived on the scene.

Since I know you’re wondering, yes, the poor guy did manage to deliver the package to the two legged customer before the four legged customers took delivery of theirs.

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