Dear SkipTheDishes Guy

I don’t like the idea of customers being able to retroactively take back tips from service people, but you know what they say about rules and exceptions. If we could have (Can We? We didn’t check.), you would quite likely have been the first person we ever did it to, because good lord.

Yes, the delivery instructions did say you could “leave the food outside the apartment door,” so what you did wasn’t technically wrong, I suppose. Perhaps its on us for having just enough faith in people to think you would interpret that sentence as intended and leave the food outside the door of *our* specific apartment and not, as you became the only person to ever do in the history of us getting deliveries, dump it unattended in the unsecured buzzer area outside the door to the lobby of the entire building where any idiot off the street could have just walked in and grabbed it. At least you had the decency to dash off a quick text before you ran off to do more dumb things elsewhere, so thanks for that, if nothing else.

In case you were wondering, we managed to get to the food before someone else did. It was pretty delicious.

Maybe you were just having a bad day. If that’s what it was, hopefully things start looking up soon. But if that was one of your good days, yeesh. Hopefully your next job won’t be nearly so complicated.

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