What Does That Mean

Last Updated on: 18th November 2022, 01:29 pm

I thought this one had gone up years ago since a bunch of people have sent it to me, but it seems I’m wrong. So since I just saw it again…

A teacher in a one-room schoolhouse arrives one morning to find a nice red apple on her desk with a tag tied to it saying “T.O.T.”

Knowing that she has some not-so-nice pranksters in her class, she cautiously asks “Can someone explain what T.O.T. means?”

Mary in the front row raises her hand and says “it means To Our Teacher.”

The next morning, the teacher finds a bigger and prettier apple than the day before. This time there is a tag with “T.O.T.W.L.” written on it.

She asks for an explanation for this note. Little Johnny waves his hand and explains “That it means “To Our Teacher, With Love”.

The next morning she arrives to find a great big watermelon sitting on her desk with a tag saying “F.U.C.K.” Her jaw drops and she screams “Who can explain this?”

Little Buckwheat in the back row raises his hand.

“it means From Us Colored Kids”!

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