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We all need a good news story now and then. this one did it for me today. 2 men accidentally set themselves on fire trying to torch immigration centre

Two suspected arsonists accidentally set themselves on fire as they attempted to burn down an immigration centre in California on Monday.
In shocking security camera footage, the two men, whose faces are hidden by masks, splashed what appeared to be gasoline across the outside of Servicio de Inmigracion in Bakersfield, Calif.

As one of the men continued to pour accelerant over the parking lot, the other bent down to ignite a fire. The flames instantly blasted into an inferno.
One of the men immediately took off running away from the building with his leg engulfed in flames. The other shouted and fell twice as he tried to flee the scene, also on fire.

The news wasn’t so great for the centre itself. It suffered smoke and property damage. But even that isn’t all bad. A GoFundMe set up to raise $5000 to cover damage related expenses has raised nearly $9000 as of this writing.

So far no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named. Swear to god I almost wrote maimed completely by accident there. We can only hope.

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