That’s Not It, Deer

We all love misheard lyrics, so here’s another one. I’ve been meaning to write it down since last summer when the song came on one night, I remembered the story and said “that might make a decent post.” That’s me, as on top of things as ever.

One day many years ago when I was just a wee lad, my dad and I were riding around in the truck. Most of the time we would listen to country music because that’s what he liked, but on this day I was given control of the radio for some reason. I took full advantage of it, and used the opportunity to put him through one of our local rock stations for a while. For the most part he didn’t seem to mind it, either that or he uncharacteristically decided not to complain about something. I’m not sure which it was, but that’s likely not important to anyone but me. I really wish I knew, though.

Anyway, there we were, going wherever we were going and talking about whatever we were talking about. And then it happened.

Dad: “What in the hell is this song?”
Me: “I like this one!”
Dad: “But what is it?”
Me: “It’s Bon Jovi!”
Dad: “What are they saying? It sounds like…like…like… “dead Venison?”
Me: *dies*

Eventually I was able to explain that it was “Bad Medicine.” I don’t think we talked about music the rest of the trip.

But you know what? He’s not wrong.

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