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Last Updated on: 17th January 2023, 08:53 pm

I’ve got no good way to start this off, so let’s just go ahead and enjoy some wholesome family time.

Police said the incident began at approximately 1:30 p.m. local time, when a man received the wrong order at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Midvale. He then “brandished a firearm” at employees, police said, and employees asked him to drive to the front of the store while they fixed the order. 
Employees then called the police. When officers responded, they issued “several verbal commands” for the man to exit the car, but he refused, police said. 
Officers then pulled him from the car and began to take him into custody. But as they were doing so, police said, “an officer turned back toward the vehicle and saw a gun pointing out from the rear window.” 
The officer was able to swipe the gun to the side as a round was fired, police said.

The round in question was fired by what turned out to be a four-year-old child who, police say, was told by his dad to shoot. Dad, in case it isn’t clear, was the one being taken into custody at the time. And just to make things a little bit worse, there was also a three-year-old in the car. At least that kid doesn’t appear to have had a gun of his own, But they’re selling JR-15s now, so give it time.

Thankfully neither child was physically harmed.

The police take a lot of flack, a not insignificant bit of it deserved, for the way they tend to kill people who don’t need killing. But it looks like they got it right this time, thank goodness. This could have easily ended very, very badly.

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