Busting A Nutley

A substitute teacher from of all places, Nutley, New Jersey, is facing several charges after he is alleged to have been twice caught teaching anatomy when he was supposed to be teaching things that were not that.

Charging documents do not say how many students were in the room during the Feb. 1 incident, or if it was during class.
On March 10, four students told the school that Dunn was acting “weird” during their digital media class, and that they saw Dunn exposing himself and masturbating at his desk while looking at female students, charging documents say.
When Dunn noticed the students looking and pointing towards him, he asked, “Are you guys all right?,” documents say.
Dunn was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor for the Feb. 1 incident, and four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor and one count of lewdness for the March 10 incident.

Good of him to ask if everyone was ok. You never lose those caring teacher instincts, I guess.

The first incident is said to have been filmed by a student, so I wish him well with that come court day. Then again the justice system is kind of weird as hell, so who knows.

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