The World Could Use A Better Bail System. And More Barbecue Sauce

If there’s one place where you would figure that a lack of barbecue sauce wouldn’t be a concern, it’s a barbecue restaurant in Texas. You would be wrong, it turns out. But if there’s one place where a lack of barbecue sauce would end in a shooting, Texas would be a pretty good guess. A correct one, too.

The incident occurred at the Dickey’s BBQ Pit on Shady Drive in northeast Harris County in January.
According to Click 2 Houston, Thomas picked up his to-go order and left the restaurant. He then called the restaurant “angry and upset” because “they did not give him enough BBQ sauce in his to-go order,” Harris County District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Jill Wells said. Employees tried to appease Thomas and fix the situation, but he angrily went back into the restaurant.
“Now, he’s verbally threatening them (saying), ‘I’ll come back and shoot up the place,'” Wells said.
Thomas initially left the restaurant, but he never left the parking lot. Wells said Thomas waited for the employees to leave. He followed the workers down the road and shot into their car.
“He strikes one of the complaint victims five times, breaking a bone in their arm. The other victim, thank goodness, was not shot,” Wells said.

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, Andre Thomas was out on bond and facing several felony cases at the time of this incident. But don’t worry America, you’re not the only country that can’t quite get a handle on this whole bail thing.

McKenzie has been prohibited for life since 2018 from possessing any firearm, said Carrique.
Carrique also said McKenzie was charged in 2021 with several firearm-related offences and assaulting a peace officer.
McKenzie was later released on bail on a number of conditions which included “to remain in his residence and not to possess any firearms amongst other restrictive conditions,” added Carrique.
McKenzie failed to appear in court in response to those charges on Sept. 6, said Carrique. A warrant was then issued for his arrest and additional criminal charges were laid against McKenzie, added Carrique.

This guy, Randall McKenzie, ended up killing a police officer who thought he was on his way to help a car get out of a ditch.

Yes, we have to be fair and reasonable to criminals, especially the alleged ones who haven’t been convicted of anything. But when you’re either of these guys and have shown a blatant and repeated disregard for the system, I don’t understand why that system keeps letting you out. Gotta keep collecting those lifetime bans, I guess.

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