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Well, that whole thing right there was pretty pointless I’d say. Let’s take a look at what happened.

  • Stephen Harper and the Conservatives won a minority government, just like last time. It’s a slightly stronger one, but a minority is still a minority.
  • The Liberals have a leader in St├ęphane Dion who whether he’s admitting it or not is probably finished. Now they’ll have to take a few months to elect a new guy, who will then have to take a few months to get used to the job. Meanwhile, Harper will do his best to sneak through as much of his bad policy as he can while the Liberals do nothing about it because they’re trying to buy enough time to kinda sorta prepare for the next early election that won’t solve anything. Yes, just like last time.
  • The NDP put up some decent numbers by party standards and seem fairly pleased with themselves, just like last time.
  • The Green Party got more mainstream attention and gained support, but still don’t have a seat in the House, just like last time. In fact, the one seat they did have when an independent joined them days before the election was called was lost last night when he didn’t win again.
  • Guelph was taken by a Liberal, just like last time. Actually Guelph has been a fairly strong Liberal riding for a few years now. I didn’t vote for him, but I’m totally fine with Frank Valeriote being my MP.
  • As for who I did vote for, the NDP did not win here, just like last time. Tom King finished in 4th place with 9,709 votes, good for 16.5%. He was actually beaten by Mike Nagy of the Greens by around 2700 votes, which surprised me.
  • John Turmel didn’t win, just like…well, every time really. You can’t mess with the power of a world record, motherfuckers! But he didn’t totally lose either. that honour went to Manuel Couto of the Marxist-Leninist party who racked up 29 votes, good for an astounding 0.0% of the popular vote.
  • There’s also talk that national voter turnout sucked, also just like every time anymore. I don’t think final numbers are out yet, but word is they’ll be down from a couple of years ago. Sad, just…sad.

Here are the full results for Guelph for the benefit of anybody who hates sifting through the Merc’s website trying to find anything, and also for the sake of history in case they pull the link at some point.

Guelph riding

Frank Valeriote, Liberal party — 18,977 votes, 32.2%

Gloria Kovach, Conservative party — 17,185 votes, 29.2%

Mike Nagy, Green party — 12,456 votes, 21.1%

Tom King, New Democratic Party — 9,709 votes, 16.5%

Kornelis Klevering, Marijuana party — 172 votes, 0.3%

Philip Bender, Libertarian — 159 votes, 0.3%

Drew Garvie, Communist party — 77 votes 0.1%

Karen Levenson, AAEV party — 73 votes, 0.1%

John Turmel, Independent — 58 votes, 0.1%

Manuel Couto, Marxist-Leninist party — 29 votes, 0.0%

Voter turnout: 58,895 of 88,842 (66.3%)

Source: Elections Canada

I guess this is the part of the post where I say that there’s nothing else needing to be said and that I’ll talk to you all later. Hey, didn’t I do that last time? I guess it’s only fitting.

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