Anything But Boring: Day 8

Last Updated on: 8th May 2023, 10:51 am

So it’s Sunday. My day off. It’s a thing. I didn’t take melatonin at the end of last night because I hoped I would only need a tweak. That was a fail. At not even 4, rise and shine! I did have to use the bathroom, but even after that, I couldn’t go back to sleep.

We have a leisurely brunch later this morning, but they sent us a breakfast snack to have in the morning. But the brunch sounds amazing. Then we relieve the pooches, and after that, we can go on an outing if we want, but we can’t bring the dog because we’re not fully graduated. So the beast will get quality time in his crate if I go out. I’m not sure if I’ll be meeting up with a friend who lives in Portland or whether a classmate and I might go to a doughnut shop. I have to remember my money. Then it’s dog and people supper and back to the grind.

There are a couple things I forgot to write down. I gave the beast who shall remain nameless for another couple days some off leash time and after sniffing around, he was quiet as a mouse. I’m used to black dogs who I can see against the white floor. Not this one. He’s invisible to me. If I stomp you, pooch, I’m sorry. And he moves so smoothly and stealthily. No clickity click at all. But he was good. I put up all the garbage cans and shut the bathroom door because the toilet has no lid, but he was good.

I found myself singing yesterday. I thought that seemed like a turning point. I took him out to groom him and put on some tunes and started to sing. I was worried I would put on an unplanned concert for my other classmates who might sit out on their patios but I don’t think I did. Then, inexplicably, while I was grooming, I started crying happy tears. I’m sure this dog thinks I’m a total basket case.

I also forgot to mention something he did after yoga on Thursday. After he went for a free run, the instructor thought he wouldn’t need water because he didn’t run, and yoga was happening soon. So I crated him. When I came back, I took him out, and he immediately got restless. I went with him and he went to the dog sink. He likes going there so I didn’t think of it. Then he meaningfully tapped the bowl. So I put water in it and he drank drank drank! He communicated and I got the message! Miracles are happening!

Did I mention that he’s starting to be frisky after eating and sometimes when I tell him he’s a really good boy? But he’s more chill than any other dog I’ve ever had.

I’m having a tired, mistake-making day. I went to dictate a message to someone and sent an audio instead. All sorts of stuff like that. Thankfully, so far, I’ve only locked myself out of my room once. Thank goodness for the people staying overnight and their cell phone you can call.

I finally asked the embarrassing question I knew I would have to ask if I got a male dog, and that is how do I rub his belly without touching his naughty parts? I had another dog chomp me for bumping them. I know these dogs have had more body handling experience and all that, but I’d really prefer to avoid hitting his private parts. They just sort of said stick to the sides and if you bump it, you bump it. Ok then.

Because I’m nutty cuckoo pants, I’m already calling pet stores about the food he’s on. It’s Eukanuba. And it’s really hard to get apparently. We’ll see what happens. Good thing I started early. But it was nice to talk to my old pet store. Also, he’s got a vet appointment set up.

Tired and very very full. You’d never know we are doing a ton of walking. One classmate and I went to the doughnut place. But this isn’t your Tim’s or your Duncan doughnuts. No no no! These are doughnut beasts. I had one and it was absolutely massive and it took forever to eat it. We had a good chat about navigating airports and the things that are helpful and not so much, among other things. We sat for an hour and it flew by. Also he paid for my doughnut and drink. If he ever comes to town, I’m taking him to Lady Glaze Doughnuts.

Then I came back here and played with the big beast for a while. He was happy to see me, nearly climbed in my lap, rolled around and let me rub his belly! Yes! A big long belly rub!

I was going to toss a kong for him in the music room, but I was feeling so very fat and sluggish. Soon, I swear!

Then I went down mistake alley. When grooming him, I dropped the toothpaste cap and he tried to eat it. I got it back and felt proud. Then I tried to do too many things and knocked a cup full of kibble all over creation. I told him to stay and he did, so I gave him a kibble party when I thought I had it all cleaned up. Then he found more anyway. Ack! Then I went outside and he pooped and I picked it up. Then he pooped and pooped and guess who stepped in it. Guess whose shoes needed another hose treatment. At least I didn’t track poop all over my room again. Twice in a week? I need to do something about catching double poops! This cannot happen!

Now, the little twit bag obsessively sniffs around the dog sink floor. I offer him water and he just sniffs. I hope I haven’t broken him already. This is the part of the song called the last week jitters. We will survive.

So tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day. I’m definitely having to tame the sleep troubles. We’re having custom routes, and then sidewalkless travel, then a night route. I’m going to try my best to go, if nothing else, to encourage the newbie to do it. And hey. More walks are good for me too.

The nurse just put my shoes in a boot dryer…Again. Must fix this double pooping problem.

So brace yourself. Tomorrow’s entry is going to be a honker! And might be delayed. Now I will do other small things before dog relieving and melatonin-induced snore festival.

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  1. Did you speak all of the punctuation into the audio that was supposed to be a dictation? Please tell me that this happened.

    Hopefully the double pooping will slow down as he gets more comfortable with you and starts feeling less stressed. I imagine that’ll mean dealing with some of it when you’re back here, but at least by that time you two should be fairly attached. Getting him on a better food might not hurt either, but I know that’s a gradual process.

    I’m so glad that we’re starting to get more and more happy times, right on schedule! You’re gonna make it!

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