Tansy’s Massive Playlist

Last Updated on: 25th June 2023, 11:13 am

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Tansy. In fact I’m overdue. She turned 12 at the end of May, so that’s a big one. I talked to the people who are taking care of her, and she seems to be very much enjoying herself, as are they. She has them wrapped around her paw! She’s walking every day, making friends everywhere she goes because of course she is. She’s the Shmans!

In honour of her 12th birthday, I have compiled all the songs that she seemed to show an interest in and put them in a playlist. She managed to amass an impressive and diverse list of 85 songs! I don’t know how many hours it would take to play the whole list, but I would imagine it would take more than 4. YouTube won’t tell me the playing time, or I’m too dumb to find it. Anyway, here’s the list in all its twisted glory.

Often when I hear a song on the list, I think of her.

And I think I missed one, so I’ll put it here for now.

The song showed up when one of the singers died, and I had to stop and listen and I thought of her. I think it was one I wasn’t sure about.

My brain won’t give her up. It still lets me know when she is due for vaccines. And when I’m grooming Domino, I try to be careful in places where Tansy has lumps. No. He doesn’t have any, brain. You can chill!

I’m so glad she’s enjoying herself. I hope I can manage to see her some day soon. I want her to meet Domino!

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