If you Pay For YouTube Through Apple, You’re Getting Ripped Off

Maybe everybody knows this but me, but if you’re thinking about subscribing to YouTube Premium, do it directly through YouTube and not through the app on your iPhone if you can.

I’ve been considering signing up for a while. Google doesn’t exactly need my money, but I like to support things I find a lot of value in, plus having something I’m listening to interrupted by a three minute diatribe about stuck poop or doorbell cameras or shifty investments while I’m in the shower and can’t do anything about it is pretty frigging irritating. So when a trial offer for Premium popped up on my phone today, I was finally going to go for it.

And then I saw the price.

One month free, then $16.99 Canadian per month or $29.99 if you want a family plan, it said. That didn’t sound right. I was expecting something closer to $11 or $12. I knew I had heard those prices somewhere. Turns out I have. On the YouTube website. There, it’s $12.99 per month or $22.99 for a family plan. There’s even an option to pay $129.99 for an entire year if you want to go that route and a $7.99 per month student plan if you qualify for that.

I imagine the difference goes straight into Apple’s pocket since they’re notoriously greedy about anyone selling anything through an app without cutting them in. They don’t need my money either, especially when a much cheaper option exists.

By the way, these family plans that companies sell where the other account holders have to live in your household, can we bugger off with those? That’s garbage. If I’m paying for the accounts, what do you care who I give them to? Just take your money and get on with life.

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